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Permissions to Use Content: Media or Comments You Send to Us

By submitting material (text, photos, videos and illustrations) to our email or on our Facebook page, you grant Simply Masala Spices, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners and licensees unlimited use of the material and the right to include your name in connection with any such use. We may modify, reproduce and distribute your material in any medium and in any manner or place, including, but not limited to magazines, promotional merchandise, and marketing and other related materials.

No fees are paid for posting on our properties or promotions. You agree to license the materials to Simply Masala Spices/Spice Odyssey Corp. for free, while you retain ownership of the rights of any media you submit. We are not required or obliged to post photos, or if posted, to maintain them for any length of time. You may ask us to take down your media from our sites. We will try to do so within 10 days.