Cook Indian recipes with confidence.

Novice-friendly cooking kits ensure success the first time you try it!

Pre-measured fresh Indian spices with easy-to-follow recipes to make healthy, authentic Indian vegetable dishes

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Indian Cooking Made Easy!

Surprise your family and friends by cooking Indian dishes with flavor-packed favorites, like chana masala, sag paneer, lentil dal or aloo gobi to delight every one of your senses!

Our pre-measured spices with simple step-by-step recipes will have you cooking Indian vegetable sides in no time.

Create satisfying vegetarian or vegan meals or make healthy vegetable sides more exciting, look no further than our pre-measured spice kits and step-by-step authentic recipes

Just add your choice of vegetables to create a mouthwatering delicacies straight from an Indian grandma's kitchen!

Inside the Cooking Kits

Our easy-to-cook authentic Indian recipes come with just the right mix of spices and lentils, pre-measured for 4-6 servings.

Just add your choice of veggies and cook a delicious Indian dish designed to impress!

Your family will LOVE the new flavors, whether as a side to your everyday dinner or as a satisfying vegan dinner.

Best of all - no extra stale spices lurking in the pantry!

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Our Story

My Inspirations

My late mother's boldness and her ingenuity in adapting Indian vegetarian recipes and cooking authentic and traditional Indian foods as an immigrant inspire my recipes, as well as the courage to start this new venture.

I made these spice kits to help my daughter to make the occasional Indian meal without the pantry of stale spices.

When all our non-Indian friends started asking me for these spice kits because I made it so easy, it gave me the idea to start Masala Mystique Spice kits.

I am SURE you will love these kits as much as our friends. We'd sure love to hear from you at

Demystifying Indian cuisine

SO MANY spices - it's intimidating!

We help you to succeed with cooking Indian food with simple, yet traditional recipes and pre-measured spices.

Enjoy your healthy, homemade side dish or meal - authentic, delicious and plant-based.

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