Indian cooking made easy: Premeasured Spices, vegetarian vegan recipes

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Elevate your meals with Simply Masala Cooking Kits

Our pre-measured spices and step-by-step recipes help you make delicious Indian dishes like spinach sag paneer, chickpeas chana masala, lentil dal and cauliflower aloo gobi at home.
Just add vegetables for mouthwatering main meals or tasty side dishes. Our spice kits with vegetarian and vegan recipes allow you to create authentic Indian cuisine—which is the original plant base cuisine—with an infinite variety of options.
The joy of healthy Indian cooking, just as nature intended.

Just the Right Spices

We know you don’t have an entire spice bazaar in your pantry! Indian cooking needs so many spices, it’s intimidating. With these pre-measured spice kits, now you can effortlessly recreate your favorite Indian dishes without buying the dozens of spices needed. No more stale spices lurking in the pantry.

Whether you are a foodie chef or a vegan or vegetarian these spice kits make Indian cooking easy for you!

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