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Sabzi - Mixed Vegetable Medley (PB) - Indian Spice Kit

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    Sabzi means vegetable.  Mix and match your favorite vegetables in this mixed vegetable sabzi dish to create a new taste and flavors every time you make it!

    We've suggested an initial mix of veggies for sabzi—go ahead and try a different combination next time! Many different combinations and flexibility make this mixed vegetable dish a favorite in Indian homes. More tomatoes and water give you more gravy.

    Serve with a hot pita, naan, or whole wheat wrap or steamed rice. Or as a side to an everyday meal, like hamburgers.

    Also try with Yellow Tadka Daal (spice pack available) can make a fully balance meal. Yogurt can help cool off if it’s spicy.

    Serves 4–6

    Indian Spice Kit Package contents:

    Spices (Cumin, Coriander, Chili powder, Turmeric)

    Traditional recipe card

    What else do I need to make this recipe:

    Fresh or frozen:

    -½ cauliflower

    -1 medium green pepper

    -1 medium carrot

    -1 cup peas

    1 medium onion
    2 medium tomatoes



    2 tbsp. cilantro (optional)

    Watch for an easy tutorial:

    Follow our simple step-by-step recipe:

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